Expectations, Disappointments, & the Truth

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I have another unusual post for you all today and its about the title; Expectations, Disappointments and the Truth.

So let me jump into this blog by saying that if you set expectations in life for how other people and/or groups treat you and you become disappointed and have negative reactions with the outcome, then I am truly sorry to say this to you but: It's Your Fault...😬😬

Don't run away from this post just yet, just hear me out. I have recently been having conversations with some of my friends... and people that I have just met who felt comfortable enough just talking to me and I have had to say this A LOT. And I haven't been saying this to be mean, spiteful, or just plain evil I was just trying to put things into perspective.

When we hold high expectations towards others and even ourselves sometimes and are disappointed with the outcome it is then, our job to take on responsibility to figure out how to respond. (See I'm going somewhere with this )

A few people I have talked to had just become repetitive in their approach to situations and it had starting weighing on their mental and even spiritual well-being. And if this is you I really want you to pay attention to my next few words, okay? Are you ready? Here it is! That is NOT. Your. Job. Did you catch that?

If not let me explain. It is not our job to hold high expectations on others (and sometimes the expectations we hold on ourselves is ridiculous or that could just be me, I don't know).

The disappointments we may sometime feel in regards to being let down can cause doubt, sorrow, and loads of other negative emotions that we shouldn't be feeling.

For example:

When I was around 16 I said I would go to college, find the love of my life while I was there, get married when I was 25, and have kids by the time I was 28.

Currently, I am 25 years old, have my Bachelors degree, definitely did not meet the love of my life while I was in school, have no intentions of getting married this year and I don't know if kids by 28 will happen lol.

Now, for a while when I realized my 25th birthday was coming up and I knew I wasn't going to get married while I was 25 I was sad, worried, and a few other things. I just felt that I wasn't on the right track in life because of that and other goals (really pressures) I had placed on myself that I felt I was not completing by my illogical due dates.

But I had to realize Yes, I had plans and expectations for myself but NO, I don't have to feel negatively about the outcomes.

Another example:

One of my best friends said "Why should I be obligated to go see and check on ___? They don't call to me to make sure I'm Okay, but I call them all the time to make sure they are."

And it wasn't the first time I had heard this conversation. My response: Stop Calling.

Everything in your life revolves really around how you accept what is happening. If you hoped you were having a boy but are really having a baby girl, are you disappointed? Maybe, but will that still be your child and will you love it (you better)? The answer is YES.

EVERY expectation you have whether is be big or small, be an expectation you place on yourself or others, will have an outcome.

The real question is: How will you deal with that outcome? Will you take it in stride? Will you stop dealing with that situation? Or will you let it eat you up inside?

That is all up to you.

I hope that

what I am trying to say to you really makes sense, because truly your health and happiness are the most important things you can take care of. And I really want you to do just that.

Because if nobody tells you: I love and care for you, and I just want you to be happy.

Thank you again for reading my post today.

As always stay safe, stay healthy, stay happy and I'll catch you next time on

'The A' Word'


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