Happy Spoil Your Dog Day !

Hey you! Thanks for joining me today. As the title stated today is National Spoil Your Dog Day! If you're like me you do that anyways BUT today is a special day. So today you get a special freebie that your dog will absolutely love!

An Easy DIY Kong Filler Recipe!


What you'll need:


~Peanut Butter


~Carrot Shavings

~Coconut Oil

~Measuring Cup

~Zip-lock Bag (Snack size if available)


Alrighty, this DIY treat is one of my dogs favorites! It's also one of mine since I usually have all these things on hand and don't have to make a store run, hopefully that'll be the same for you too.

Why these ingredients ?

*Peanut butter: Along with being alot of pups favorite treats offers health benefits such as being a great source of protein it also has healthy fats and vitamins naturally.

*Honey: Besides just tasting great, it adds natural sugar and has anti fungal properties that can be great for dogs with those type of issues, It also soothes upset tummies.

*Carrots: Great sources of fiber , vitamins, and helps with eye sight.

*Coconut Oil: This has so many benefits such as being great for skin, coats, improving digestion, and even can help with weight lose for over weight pups.

Now lets get into this!

1.) Take 1/2 cup of peanut butter and place it into your measuring cup

2.) Take 1/4 cup of coconut oil and add it to your measuring cup

3.) Take 1/2 tbsp of honey and add it to your measuring cup

4.) Place the measuring cup into the microwave for 1.5 minutes or until all is melted

5.) Take 4 baby carrots and shave them down/ Take 1/4 cups of shaved carrots and add them to the measuring cup

6.) Mix add the ingredients in the measuring cup well

7.) Place a zip-lock bag over the top of your cup. Place the Kong into the zip-lock bag upside down. The zip-lock bag will keep your mixture from flowing out the little whole at the top of the Kong.

8.) Pour your mixture into the Kong and place the cup into the freezer/ refrigerator for 1 hour before giving to your pup.

9.) 1 hour later give to your pup for them to enjoy!

**Extra Extra: If you have any extra mixture pour it over your pups food ;)

**This recipe is for a Large Kong **

I hope you and your pup enjoys today and everyday.

Thanks for joining me today at 'The A' Word' and I hope to catch you next time.

Stay Safe, Stay Happy, Stay You!


~The A' Word

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