Here's A Freebie Your Pet is Sure to Love!

Do you want to give your pet(s) a nice healthy, cool, refreshing treat that is sure to help them beat the heat? Try this recipe and watch your pup jump for joy!

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Did you know yogurt is actually really beneficial to your pets?

Besides being great tasting, yogurt is healthy and has immune stimulating benefits. Yogurt is high in protein, vitamins, and probiotics while at the same time being low in calories.


Protein in yogurt can help grow your pet's hair, muscles, skin and more. Protein also plays a key role in producing hormones and enzymes that help to regulate daily, basic functions.


Probiotics enrich the gut with loads of healthy bacteria and aids in food digestion. Probiotics have even been shown to reduce diarrhea (stress-related). Along with all this, probiotics are great for the immune system and helps with balancing digestion.


Along with fruits being a great added taste bonus, different fruits have so many health benefits. Different fruits can be high in different vitamins such as vitamin A, B, C, and more. Some fruits can also even help to reduce the chances of developing cancer and damaging cells. Some fruits can even help to increase and/or reduce to decline of neurological functions.

So when you're making these treats you can rest assured that you are giving your pets loads of healthy, nutritious and beneficial treats.

Happy Eating Pups!


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