Hey, How Does the Easter Bunny Keep His Hair Looking so Good?

With Hare Spray, of course! Lol.

Yes, I know I am corny and no, you don't have to tell me. Haha. Happy Easter! I hope that you and your family are happy, safe, and well. Did you plan something great out for Easter? Or did you forget with all that's going on in the world?

If you did, its ok. I wont judge. In fact here are some last minute Easter ideas for both the kiddos and the doggos! First, lets start with the kiddos shall we.



*Have fun and bake! Make Egg/Bunny (or whatever shape cookie cutters you have) sugar cookies and decorate together. And get messy! Or get fancy and have a best dressed cookie contest.

*Rice Krispy Filled Easter Egg Hunt

~Fill empty easter eggs with rice krispy treats that you make and hide them. This way the kids can have a Easter egg hunt and a treat at the end!

*Have an Easter movie Marathon!

Watch some of you and your kiddos favorite holiday movies. You can include some classics like Charlie Browns 'It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown,' or Veggie Tales 'An Easter Carol,' or even my favorite 'The Prince of Egypt.' Dont forget to include some newer films like 'Hop.'



*Treat Me Human! Any pet especially the pups would be just happy with a human grade treat. You can check out a recipe here, or contact us and order some great treats for your furry kiddo!

*Have an Easter egg hunt! Yes, an actual hunt. Take some plastic Easter eggs and put some of those yummy treats in half of the eggs and leave the other half of the eggs empty and let your pup smell there way through the hunt. This stimulates there mind and stomach so there's a win win.

*Go for an extended walk. Yep. That easy. With everyone being stuck in the house give your pup some extra outdoor time. Go further than you normally go for your walks and let your pup catch some new smells. You should catch some new smells too!


I hope these ideas help you this Easter. The most important thing you could really do is spend time with your family and be thankful for what you have and their health. No matter what you're going through (if you are) remember that it could always be worse. So this Easter stay in the moment, even if your family is driving you up a wall lol.

As always thank you for reading. Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, and Stay Blessed. I hope to catch you next time here on 'The A' Word'

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