National Canine Fitness Month

Updated: May 29

Celebrate National Canine Fitness Month this April!

Have you gained weight since being at home more the last couple of years? Well, have you noticed your pets weight gain? If being sedentary wasn't a problem before, for a lot of people, it definitely is now.

Humans and animals alike are creatures of habit and unfortunately one of those many habits is being sedentary most of the day. It's time to change that habit, not only for your well-being but for your pets. It is estimated that over the last 10 years there has been an increase in weight gain of over 160% among cats and over 150% weight gain among dogs and these numbers are still rising. What's even crazier then that is the fact that almost 40% of all dogs are considered obese by the time that they are 6 months!

Did you know that when your pet is overweight the have a shorter life expectancy and you lose about 2+ years with your furbabies? Allowing your pet to stay overweight can also cause other problems such as:

- Increased risk for heart disease, hypertension and even cancers

- Urinary Disorders

- Cardiorespritory Disease

- Type 2 Diabetes

Ok, so you know about your pups weight gain and realize it's a problem, now what?

Now, it is time to get moving! One of the most basic ways to help your pet lose some of those pounds is by taking them on a daily walk or hiring someone like A's Pet Service, LLC to take your pet out everyday to get some good exercise in.

Other good options to help your pet are:

- Switch up your pups diet

- Join an agility training group

- Make sure there are no underlying medical conditions involved


Whatever you do take your time and enjoy the ride. Just like loosing weight takes time for us it takes time for our pups too.

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