Poison Control & Your Home

Did you know March is Poison Control Awareness Month?

March 20th- 26th is National Poison Prevention Week

You may think you have Poison Control down packed at your home, but with spills, intentional poisonings, and other normal household items your pet can get to you can never be too careful!

It is estimated that 200 dogs are intentionally poisoned every year according to American Humane First To Serve. According to the ASPCA in 2021 Over The Counter Medicine was the number one top toxin that pets have gotten into for the third year at that time.

Those Lily's that you just got from the florist, have you noticed your cat playing with those pretty petals? Did you know that, that Lily is also poisonous to your cat.

Signs & Symptoms

Poisoned pets may display symptoms that can range anywhere from mild to severe, depending on the amount they ingest. Call your veterinarian immediately if you notice:

  • Lack of appetite

  • Pale gums

  • Vomiting or diarrhea, particularly with blood present

  • Excessive drooling

  • Lethargy or restlessness

  • Seizure or tremors

  • Collapse

If you should find that your pet is experiencing these symptoms then along with calling your local vets office you can and should also call The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at: (888) 426-4435

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