Pricey Pet Medication? Here's some tips for lowering the price!

Hello beautiful people, thank you once again for reading 'The A' Word'. On today's episode I

want to talk about money! I recently had to go out and get some heart worm, flea and tick medicine and the prices at the veterinarians office were of course astronomical. My normal discounted place for these things are still closed due to CoVid 19 which sucks so I had to find new options. I just didn't have nor did I want to spend over $200 for four months worth of prescriptions.

After calling around a bit I'm not gonna lie I was starting to wonder how long I could just put the prescriptions off. It just so happened that I had to get some prescriptions myself and I noticed the prices that Sams Club had for their pet prescriptions.

Long story short I was able to get the prescriptions from Sams Club for around $140 total for eight months of both prescriptions. Which for me was great because my dogs weights a little over 60lbs, so if you have a smaller pet you of course would pay less.

Doing even more research (for my next re-up) I came to find out that I could go through Chewy's process and get the same meds for about $60 less.

I say all this to say don't be afraid to look around for the deal. Times for plenty of people are hard right now and THAT'S OKAY! Everybody has there own struggles, I just hope that this post may help you or someone else with the struggle of expense medications. There may not be many insurances for pet medications but everyone has coupons and there is nothing wrong with looking for them.

Also, if you would like more financial post pet related or otherwise please let me know and I will definitely make that happen. You can also see more of my financial journey on Instagram by clicking HERE.

Well that's all I have for you today!

Stay Healthy and Stay Safe.

And as always thank you for stopping by my blog 'The A' Word'!

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