Separation Anxiety and Your Pets

Ahh, dear separation anxiety. Isn't it amazing! Said no one EVER. Separation anxiety with your pets


can be very difficult to work with because you don't want your pet to feel anxious or your home destroyed, but you also can't not go to work either. So what do you do?

In today's post I hope to give you some tips and tricks on how you can help ease your pets anxieties as well as your own.

My first tip would be get your pet used to you leaving for shorter time periods. To get your pet used to you working 8+ hours a day, get your pet used to you being away for 5 minutes at a time, then 10 and so on. Once your pet knows that you aren't abandoning them the anxiety should ease for the both of you.

*An additional tip to go along with this is to not make leaving a big deal. Don't put extra emphasis on leaving. The same way you would teach your pet not to jump on you by not giving them that attention, don't give them that attention as you leave.

My second tip is to tire them out before you leave. You may not be able to spend an hour with your pet in the mornings but make some time to run your pet for 15-30 minutes before you leave. Take


them for a morning walk or throw the ball back and forth. Basically get your pet up and moving and use up some of that energy. Get them in a relaxed state so that they will want to lay down for a bit.

My third tip is to make them feel comfortable while you're gone. Leave a shirt that you've worn out for your pet so that they have your scent. Feel an interactive toy with treats to keep them occupied, leave some music or a podcast playing through the day so that your pet can hear a humans voice. Studies have shown that podcast help a bit more than just music because they would hear actual voices and it seems as though someone is actually in the house with them.


My fourth and maybe most dramatic tip would be to take your pet to a vet and make sure there are no underlying issues at hand. Ask what types of medications they have that would fit your pets needs if the situation is that dire.

My fifth and final suggestion is to give A's Pet Service a call so that your pet can spend the day with us! I think I like this suggestion best of all! How about you? With pictures throughout the day and a tired pet by pick up you won't have to fret over your pets anxiety because they won't have to be alone long.

Welp, those are a few tips and tricks for you all out there with anxious pets. Don't feel bad if it's your pets with anxiety. The anxiety your pet has wasn't caused because you work too much or too little. It is just something that some pets have to learn to deal with. You and your pet will get through this and you both will figure out how to navigate life with this issue. Keep your head and hopes up. You've got this.

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