ThanksGiving Do's and Dont's

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As we all Know a very special holiday is nearly upon us. A holiday where friends and family gather to spend time together, laugh, play, and most importantly EAT. Haha.

While families are doing this with each other, we tend to want to include our pets in the family time and extra eating. Now, this is great believe me I will be doing the same thing, however there are some things you should watch out for this holiday season.

Things like raisins, grapes, nuts, nutmeg, candied yams, bread dough, ect can be potentially dangerous to pets because of the ingredients that are in them and because some of these things are just naturally toxic to pets. Also things like Turkey skin, drippings, gravy, and even small bones aren't that great for our pets because they can become choking hazards. Also things that shouldn't have to be said but I'll go ahead and say it, Alcohol and Nutmeg should not be given to your pet for obvious health reasons.

Enough with the do not's lets take a quick run through of the foods that are safe for your pets. UN-CANDIED yams( sweet potatoes). Sweet potatoes are actually super food and contains loads of vitamins and minerals that are great for pets, you can bake these bad boys plan and add it to your pets dinner no problem. Green beans! These veggeis are also great for your pets, being high in fiber and you don't even have cook them. Carrots and pumpkin are filling and full of crunch that your pet will love this holiday season. Last but not least the grand all be all, TURKEY! Skinless of course is the recommended way to feed it to your pets. Turkey should be shredded and/or cut into bite sized pieces for your pets. Any of these foods added to your pets dinners will have them jumping for joy and in gratitude.

With anything please consult with your vet if you are still a bit curious about any of the foods mentioned above or if you have any allergy concerns with your pets food. Also have a great, and thankful Thanksgiving this year. I hope your Thanksgiving is full of family fun and happy wet noses!

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