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Use High, Medium, & Low Value Treats When Training Your Pets!

Did you know that pets have value systems just like you and me? Have you ever seen a kid choose to eat cake over veggies? Your pets work just like your kids!

All pets especially our high energy, high prey drive pups have varying value systems. The way to categorize low, medium, and high treats for most is to go from hard to soft treats.

Your everyday typical hard dog treats would be considered low value treats. These treats are ones that your pups will eat but may or may not stay attentive to you. Treats such as our Calvin's Crafts Dog Treats are a great example of a lower value treat. These treats you can give just because you love your pet and want to reward them for being just too darn cute.

Your treats that are soft (not wet) like your Soft & Chewy Milk Bones, Blue Buffalo Bites, and our 6 Inch Beef Tracheas would be considered medium value treats. These treats your pups will work a bit harder for. These treats are great for reinforcing a trick or command that you have just taught but need to reinforce.

Lastly, your high value treats! These treats would be your fresh dog treats. Pieces of cheese, Fresh Pet, and even microwave bacon! Your pets should do just about anything you want to teach them to do for these items. If you think about it these items would be their top tier items that can equivalate to steaks, lobster tails, ect.

Understanding the value of the treats your using can help to make training your pets that much easier on the both of you!

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