Why you shouldn't wait till the last minute to hire a pet sitter for the holidays

If you have pets, you know the holiday season can be stressful. Travel and family obligations often mean having to find someone to take care of your pet for a few days, or even a couple of weeks. But how do you find someone trustworthy who will love on your furry friend as much as you do? The answer is not waiting till the last minute! Finding a pet sitter in time for Christmas is hard, but not if you start planning in advance. Preparing in advance will ease up things considerably this holiday season. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t wait till the last minute to hire a pet sitter for the holidays:

It’ll be easier to find the right match for your pet.

If you are hiring a pet sitter for a few days or maybe a week, you want to make sure it is somebody who has experience with your pet’s breed, age and any special health issues. If you hire a sitter that is not familiar with your pet’s needs, it could lead to a lot of stress and anxiety for both the sitter and your pet.

It’ll be much easier to find the right sitter if you have time to research

Most people are looking for pet sitters during the holiday season, so the demand is much higher. If you wait till December, you will be up against tons of other pet owners trying to find a sitter at the same time. This can make the search much harder, because the choices are many times overwhelming. If you start looking for a pet sitter early, you will have time to narrow down your options to find the perfect match for you and your pet.

You won’t stress out your loved ones by asking last minute

This one is important, especially if you are travelling with children. If you wait till the last minute to find a pet sitter, the pressure to get it done will make you (or somebody you love) start asking friends or family to do it. If you are travelling with kids, their holiday break might get interrupted by last-minute requests for help. If you have enough time to find a pet sitter, there is no reason to put that kind of pressure on loved ones. It’ll be so much easier if you find someone who can help you out in advance.

Finding a pet sitter shouldn’t be stressful, so why wait?

If you know you will have to take time off during the holidays, you need to get the search for a sitter started as soon as possible. Websites like and have thousands of pet sitters who can help you out or you can even find different local pet care professionals by doing a google search or even asking your veterinarian for some recommendations. This will make it much easier to find a pet sitter and make sure they are the right fit for your pet.

Final Words: Bottom line

The holidays are a hectic time of year, but they don’t have to be stressful for you and your pet. If you start looking for a pet sitter in advance, you will have a much easier time finding the right person for the job. Waiting till the last minute definitely increases the chance of hiring the wrong person. When it comes to hiring a pet sitter, there is no time like the present.

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